NEW patches available NOW!

A brand NEW batch of patches is now ready to ship! 100% pro embroidered patch, courtesy of BBBlast (e-mail: info[AT]

€5 + shipping (FREE to Portugal). Write us to bavalives[AT]


Embroidered patch sample

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OK Horror maniacs, let’s play a game! This is round #1 so tell us: Who would win a NO RULES battle? Visit our official Facebook page, put a LIKE on it (thx for your support) and comment to vote (be sure your post is PUBLIC or we won’t be able to see it).

NOW GO!!!!


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NEW drum cam live video up!

Check out this live drum cam from mighty Diogo P. in charge of the drums on DEMENTIA 13, captured at our farewell to the stages show! We loved having him on board! Subscribe his channel!


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Away from the stages, but not dead yet!


Dementia 13 with Sérgio Rocha

[English version – PRT version below]
Our farewell to the stages, past Friday, was AMAZING! And since it was a damn special moment, a detailed list of names of people that helped it become a success is mandatory this time. We are not over but we will step aside from the stages for a long time or maybe forever. We never know! For now, other plans are “stealing” our attention since we’re taking care of our next release (that was once postponed): the 2 track limited vinyl single “Children Shouldn’t Play with Zombies”, courtesy of Portuguese (true) Underground label Larvae Records. The promotional live shows for the “Ways of Enclosure” CD are now over.

So, the show “Blast from the Past” we put up to (along side our partners from WMD) was, indeed, a BLAST! We put together our old school Death Metal side by side with the relentless Thrash of my long time German friends Contradiction and the classic Heavy/Thrashers Sould Doubt, from Porto. And this was your moment too! We couldn’t make it any other way! Each and everyone of you understand the true meaning of being Underground musicians and mainly that was why we loved this show so much!

Also, Metalpoint for being our second home and the venue in Porto with the most absolutely KILLER sound! We blame Hugo for that! Keep believing and keep working hard man (as usual)!!!

Last but not least, each and every soul that was there to support the event and was the MAIN reason for having such an AMAZING, warm, crazy and friendly environment at “Blast from the Past”. Without YOU too, this wouldn’t be possible! Thanks for your support!

This is why we play Metal and are proud to populate the Underground scene. DEATH METAL SUPREMACY!

My deepest thanks to the following people, with no order whatsoever. You were ALL important for this event!
Daniel Silva (the master chef in charge of the delicious dinner), Hugo, Joana & Metalpoint, Quaresma & Soul Doubt, Oli & Contradiction (you can always count on your good friends in Portugal), Orca & WMD, my band mates in Dementia 13, Sérgio Rocha (special thanks for the homage and the gift – check the image in this statement), the awesome Belgian crew (now that’s the spirit), Bunker Store, Piranha, Rui & Mosher TV, Hintf zine, Emanuel Ferreira, SFTD Radio and every media that helped to promote the event.

Álvaro F. [Dementia 13]


[Versão Portuguesa]
O nosso adeus aos palcos, na passada Sexta-Feira, foi FANTÁSTICO! E uma vez que este foi um momento tão especial, torna-se assim obrigatório elaborar a devida lista de nomes de todos que contribuíram para que esta noite pudesse ser um sucesso! A banda não cessou actividades mas vamo-nos afastar dos palcos por um tempo indeterminado ou até para sempre. Nunca se sabe! Para já estaremos concentrados no próximo lançamento (que já havia sido adiado anteriormente): o single em vinil “Children Shouldn’t Play with Zombies”, composto por 2 gravações inéditas, cortesia da editora de Underground (a sério) Portuguesa Larvae Records. Os concertos promocionais do CD “Ways of Enclosure” terminaram aqui.

Ora, o evento “Blast from the Past” que organizamos (juntamente com os nossos parceiros WMD) foi, de facto, um estrondo! Decidimos juntar o nosso Death Metal old school lado a lado com o Thrash implacável dos meus amigos Alemães de longa data Contradiction, ao Heavy/Thrash clássico dos Sould Doubt, do Porto. E este foi o vosso momento também! Não o conseguiríamos de outra forma! Cada um de vocês compreende o verdadeiro significado de se ser um músico Underground e foi principalmente por isso que curtimos tanto fazer este concerto!

Também ao Metalpoint por ser a nossa segunda casa e o espaço no Porto com o mais potente e melhor som para se tocar Metal! Mas isso culpamos o Hugo! Continua a acreditar e continua o árduo trabalho pah (como sempre)!!!

E por fim, mas não menos importante, todas as almas que se deslocaram e apoiaram o evento e foram os principais responsáveis para que tivéssemos um FENOMENAL, caloroso e louco “Blast from the Past” repleto de amigos e não só. Sem todos vocês também, isto não seria possível! Obrigado pelo apoio!

É por tudo isto que tocamos Metal e temos orgulho em popular a cena Underground. DEATH METAL SUPREMACY!

Os meus agradecimentos profundos aos seguintes intervenientes, sem qualquer ordem. TODOS foram essenciais neste evento!
Daniel Silva (o master chef encarregue do magnífico jantar), Hugo, Joana & Metalpoint, Quaresma & Soul Doubt, Oli & Contradiction (já sabem que podem sempre contar com os vossos bons amigos em Portugal), Orca & WMD, os meus companheiros de guerra em Dementia 13, Sérgio Rocha (agradecimento especial à homenagem que nos prestou e à oferta – vejam a foto deste comunicado), a excelente crew Belga (é esse o espírito), Bunker Store, Piranha, Rui & Mosher TV, Hintf zine, Emanuel Ferreira, SFTD Radio e todos os orgãos de comunicação que ajudaram a promover o evento.

Álvaro F. [Dementia 13]

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Farewell from the stages!

About last night: Our farewell from the stages was MEMORABLE! All details, pics and videos very soon! THANKS to Contradiction, Soul Doubt, Metalpoint and everyone that supported this event! DEATH METAL SUPREMACY!


Soul Doubt & Dementia 13

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NEW EXCLUSIVE live show announced!

We are proud to announce the return of mighty Contradiction [GER] to Portugal and to Porto! We’ll be there too, next month, along side our Thrasher friends from Soul Doubt! Right on our hometown and our second home Metalpoint!

This will be an exclusive, extended and uncut show before we step aside from live shows (for a long time) to focus on new upcoming releases and other stuff. So, don´t dare to miss out our tribute to (real) Death Metal and be there!! \m/


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Brujeria tour: THANKS!!

Pic by Isabel Fernandes (2016)

Pic by Isabel Fernandes (2016)

Determination is what guide us and make us follow our path of persistence, without EVER thinking of giving up! One more cycle in DEMENTIA 13 is closed now. After little more than a year, the “Ways of Enclosure” promotional live shows come to an end. Only a few and (very) selective Portuguese events were booked, it’s true, but more than enough to know that we can ALWAYS count on your support: fans, promoters, labels, distros, media (you KNOW who you are) MANY THANKS!

So, another chapter ended with two major and important gigs: the two Portuguese Brujeria tour shows that took place a few days ago: 11th December at RCA Club (Lisboa) and the 12th at Hard Club (Porto). We’d like to deeply thank Hell Xis Agency for EVERYTHING, Grog (masters of demonic old school Grindcore), RCA Club, Hard Club, Brujeria and, most important, YOU that supported both events and all bands! To our partners Planet Core for driving us to Lisboa and back and for being a most important part on our Metal mission, goes our most sincere appreciation and FUCK YEAH!!! \m/

Sick Death Metal maniacs, notice this: we’re not through yet so, you’ll be hearing from us very soon! OSDM!!!

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