That was fucking killer” / “The best thing we had all night
Dave Ingram (ex-Benediction & Bolt Thrower) on “Metal Breakfast Radio” show –

It’s really great when a band like Dementia 13 comes out and has that old school style” / “The kind of stuff that I just love
Kam Lee (ex-Massacre/Death) on “From the Crypt” radio show –

(…) as throwback as an 90s death metal album as you can get.
7/10 – The Nighting Pole blog [PRT]

An Old School Death Metal well refined that will delight the lovers of the genre.
8,4/10 – The Portuguese Metal Scene In Review [PRT]

It’s just building on and paying homage to what’s gone before.
7/10 – Destructive Music webzine [UK]

Any fan of old school death metal should get a nice kick out of this throwback to the 90s.
4/5 – Rate Your Music (by Razor45 [CAN])

(…) the perfect OST for those who enjoy good old Death Metal and Horror movies.
8/10 – Music & Riots magazine [PRT]

(…) excelent song writting and musical structures complemented with a production on the spot (…)
7,8/10 – Event Horizon [PRT]


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