Dementia 13 is a Death Metal project that pays tribute to Old School bands from that genre and also to classic cult Horror cinema. Each and every song and lyrics are inspired in a particular movie.

Three musicians from several Underground Portuguese Metal bands (Pitch Black, Holocausto Canibal, Biolence, Grunt) represent the main line-up while others (from bands like Raw Decimating Brutality, Secrecy, Switchtense, Scarificare, WAKO, Heavenwood, AntiVoid or Colosso) contribute with their talent both on studio recordings and live shows. “The Lord of the Logos” Christophe Szpajdel was in charge of drawing the band’s logo, making the perfect fusion between Death Metal and old Horror cinema art.

Founded by Alvaro F., all work started around December 2010, when the process of composing and recording several songs for the band began. Later, four tracks were chosen to be featured on the debut EP called “Tales For the Carnivorous”, released on Portuguese label Escaravelho Recs, on March 23, 2013 on both CD and limited tape formats.

Two official videos were made for two songs from the debut EP CD: “There Are Those Who Kill Violently” and “Brotherhood of the Flesh”, available at the band’s official YouTube channel.

After the release of “Tales for the Carnivorous” EP, several live shows followed up, including both Obituary’s Portuguese tour dates, Wacken Metal Battle 2014 Portuguese finals, shows with bands like Convulse, Machetazo, Pagan Altar, Hellshock, Altar of Plagues, Ahumado Granujo and others.

Debut full length CD album “Ways of Enclusure” is released by Spanish cult Death Metal label Memento Mori on Halloween 2015, October 31. Cover artwork designed by Mark Riddick.

Álvaro F.: rhythm guitar
Marco S.: lead guitar
Z.Pedro: bass

*N. Lima (ex-Secrecy): vocals (EP 2013, CD 2015, live & video-clips)
*João R. (Raw Decimating Brutality, Extreme Retaliation): drums (live & video-clips)
*Xinês (ex-Switchtense): drums (EP 2013)
*Hugo S. (AntiVoid, Unfleshed): drums (live)
*Bombeiro: (Cape Torment, ex-Lacrima): vocals (live)
*Nuno P. (Tek Analogy, ex-Holocausto Canibal, Happy Farm, Negative Gain, Scrambled Corpses): bass (live)
*Orca (Blasphemy, aDarkPlace): vocals (live)
*Marcelo A. (Colosso, W.A.K.O., ex-Heavenwood, Oblique Rain, Sullen): drums (live & CD 2015)
*Diogo P. (Viingrid, ex-Sacred Sin, Holocausto Canibal, Decrepidemic, Grunt): drums (live)


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