Press release sample
[from left to right – pic by João Fitas]
Z.Pedro (Holocausto Canibal, Grunt): bass
Marco S. (Biolence, Pitch Black): lead guitar
Álvaro F. (Pitch Black): rhythm guitar

N. Lima (ex-Secrecy): vocals (EP 2013, CD 2015, live & video-clips)
João R. (Raw Decimating Brutality, Extreme Retaliation): drums (live + 7” 2017 + video-clips)
Xinês (ex-Switchtense): drums (EP 2013)
Hugo S. (AntiVoid, ex-Scarificare, Unfleshed): drums (live)
Bombeiro: (Cape Torment, ex-Lacrima): vocals (live)
Nuno P. (Tek Analogy, ex-Holocausto Canibal, Happy Farm): bass (live)
Marcelo A. (Colosso, W.A.K.O., ex-Heavenwood): drums (CD 2015 + live)
Orca (Blasphemy, aDarkPlace): vocals (live)
Diogo P. (Viingrid, ex-Sacred Sin, Holocausto Canibal, Decrepidemic, Grunt): drums (live)


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