Different and various stuff, audio or video, regarding band’s activity and other promotional, miscellaneous and devious (sometimes maybe depraved) material.


Guitar practice on “The Damned, the Dead and the Demented” new track! And just wait until you see what’s coming your way!
Pre-production mix and drum programing by Marco S.


Promo ID video for Blindagem Metal Fest XV show (held on 14.09.13)
Version for Cannibal Corpse’s “Stripped, Raped and Strangled”



Song “Orgy of Bloodshed” recorded during a rehearsal (20.03.14) with audio captured direct from the video camera. NO editing or overdubs.


A compilation of the best moments taken from our visit to the city of Coimbra (PRT) and the cult and historical venue that is States Club! 18.10.2013


A Six Feet Under karaoke FUN moment on our way to Sublime Torture fest VI (Castelo Branco, PRT). DEATH METAL SUPREMACY!!!


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