Tales For the Carnivorous (2013) tape

“Tales for the Carnivorous” EP FREE DOWNLOAD


June-August 2012: rhythm guitars, bass and solos at home

September 2012: drums by Xinês at Ultrasound Studios, Moita, PT (sound engineer: Hugo Andrade)

November 2012: vocals by N. Lima at Estudio 213, Porto, PT (sound engineer: Bruno Silva)

December 2012: mixed by Hugo Andrade at Ultrasound Studios, Moita, PT

December 2012: mastered by André Tavares

*All music & lyrics by Álvaro F.*Band logo by Christophe Szpajdel

*Cover art by João Rocha

*Layout design by João Rocha

*Band photo by Judith Pina
*Audio samples on all songs taken from the movies “The Driller Killer”, “Blood Feast”, “Antropophagus” and “The Brood”


Beer & Death Metal were used in the making of this songs.

Each song was entirely inspired in one particular horror movie. Obscure, horrific and timeless pieces of art that are VERY worth checking out. For those who truly appreciate the genre.

“Tales for the Carnivorous” EP has been available for free download since 13.01.13. We believe our music is made for anyone who may enjoy it. We support bands, honest labels and everyone into Metal, music in general or other forms of art that deserve a chance. Buying this CD will help us in a lot of ways and will make sure we’ll be around for a few more years, delivering more music to you! We’re not in favour of internet piracy but we
support everyone’s right to freely share music with whomever they want. Nevertheless, we encourage everyone to BUY the CD’s from the band’s you like and help Underground musicians to survive. We do that too!!!

SUPPORT UNDERGROUND!!!Play this shit LOUD! Really, just try it! LOUD!!!


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