Brujeria tour: THANKS!!

Pic by Isabel Fernandes (2016)

Pic by Isabel Fernandes (2016)

Determination is what guide us and make us follow our path of persistence, without EVER thinking of giving up! One more cycle in DEMENTIA 13 is closed now. After little more than a year, the “Ways of Enclosure” promotional live shows come to an end. Only a few and (very) selective Portuguese events were booked, it’s true, but more than enough to know that we can ALWAYS count on your support: fans, promoters, labels, distros, media (you KNOW who you are) MANY THANKS!

So, another chapter ended with two major and important gigs: the two Portuguese Brujeria tour shows that took place a few days ago: 11th December at RCA Club (Lisboa) and the 12th at Hard Club (Porto). We’d like to deeply thank Hell Xis Agency for EVERYTHING, Grog (masters of demonic old school Grindcore), RCA Club, Hard Club, Brujeria and, most important, YOU that supported both events and all bands! To our partners Planet Core for driving us to Lisboa and back and for being a most important part on our Metal mission, goes our most sincere appreciation and FUCK YEAH!!! \m/

Sick Death Metal maniacs, notice this: we’re not through yet so, you’ll be hearing from us very soon! OSDM!!!

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“Ways of Enclosure” CD (2015) ORDER NOW!

Well, “Ways of Enclosure” debut full length CD is still in stock but it won’t last forever… ALSO AVAILABLE is the very limited to 100 copies worldwide tape release. ORDER NOW while you can because they are running out of stock! SUPPORT UNDERGROUND!!

Visit our official Bandcamp page to buy it!
[PRT] Para encomendas de Portugal, escrevam-nos para bavalives[at]

WOE A4 promo

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MOSHER FEST IV: Thank you!

There’s no better feeling in the world for any true Underground Metal band, than to be on a stage, playing, headbanging and witnessing all the support coming from the audience. So, we are very thankful to have 100% old school Death Metal maniacs at our shows. Many thanks to everyone for supporting DEMENTIA 13 this past weekend at Mosher Fest IV. And thank you Rui and rest of the staff, from the deep of our hearts, for taking the chance on us and believing in our work! We were honored to be a part of chapter IV.

Now here’s a (shaky and quite lame) video of the song “Conceived in Violence” captured live at Mosher Fest. However, the sound is great so we decided to upload it anyway. Hope you enjoy it!!


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“Ways of Enclosure” very first ANNIVERSARY

Well, today our little pumpkin is 1 year old. Filled with all our sweat and blood, the debut album “Ways of Enclosure” (2015) would see the light of day on the most evil (or not) day of the year: Halloween. And all thanks to our label Memento Mori.

And this was our humble and honest contribution to the old school Death Metal sound we worship so much. We hope it still spins louder than hell on your stereo! Thanks everyone for your never ending support! You know who you are! \m/

By Mark Riddick

By Mark Riddick

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NEXT STOP: Mosher Fest

Well, next live Horror blood splattered surgery will happen next month at the amazing Mosher Fest chapter IV (Coimbra, PRT) with this killer bill: Dr Living Dead [SWE] + Corpus Christii + Revolution Within + Tales For The Unspoken! This one will be memorable!

::::::::::   FB EVENT   ::::::::::

To those near by, come have a few beers and headbang all night long!! \m/
[click poster to enlarge]

Mosher Fest IV 2016

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Brujeria tour: Portuguese shows announced!

We are very happy to announce that Dementia 13 will be a part of both Portuguese shows for the blasting Iberian Brujeria tour. Thought things couldn’t get any better? Check again because Portuguese Death/Grind legends Grog complete this amazing bill! Stepping back in time, this was kind of how the “Tales for the Carnivorous” EP tour (2013/2014) ended. But that time with Obituary. Same cities, same venues. AWESOME!! Thanks to Hell Xis for this opportunity! \m/

So, this will be the closing of a cycle for ourselves. “Ways of Enclosure” album promotional tour will reach its end next December 11th/12th, 2016. Then we back down from the stages for some time so we can focus on other stuff and plans, already in development as we speak. So, be sure to stay tuned!

Portuguese Horror Death Metal maniacs, come JOIN US!!!


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“Ways of Enclosure” tape OUT TOMORROW!

Well, we finally assembled all our copies of these beauties and they are ready to ship! You can purchase yours directly from us or through our label Caverna Abismal.

ONLY €5+shipping and ONLY 100 available worldwide so hurry up if you want to get a hold of this special limited package!!



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