Back to the 90’s part 2: Flyer trading

Hey everyone! Back in the old days, people in the worldwide Underground scene had a “rule” to spread all the flyers they could in every tape trading package shipped anywhere! It was though those flyers that bands, labels, promoters, traders, distributors, zines and so on let all the world know what they were doing. Flyer trading was soon replaced by digital images spread on Facebook, Twitter and e-mails.

WE STILL DO FLYER TRADING TOO! So, anyone out there in the Underground scene that wants us to send over some flyers and promote your work, drop us a line! We’ll make sure we make those fine pieces of art fly all over the world on every package we send!

Share this message and if you know anyone possibly interested, let them know!

SUPPORT real Underground \m/

Flyers sample

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2 Responses to Back to the 90’s part 2: Flyer trading

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    Even these days (internet and all that) it feels great to get flyers as handouts at events or when some were added to your order, even if they face the bin after a while… so keep on trading!

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